Please note: Because of the unique requirements for shipping oversize packages, such as custom made hats, at times specific delivery services must be used, especially for International addresses. Therefore, Baron Hats reserves the right to change carriers to insure the best delivery service for your order. Currently we use UPS for all domestic orders.

Baron Hats is committed to shipping your hat or ordered merchandise to you as quickly and safely as possible. Therefore sometimes because of factors beyond our control we must change delivery services from the one requested to one that will insure that you receive your hat in a timely manner and in mint condition. For Overnight and 2-Day Shipping — Please note that all airfreight carriers reserve the right to extend delivery time by 24 hours for residential deliveries. This is beyond our control and airfreight charges cannot be refunded for this reason. Your shipping charge is listed in your shopping cart. When you select an item to add to our “Shopping Cart”, you will first be prompted to a shipping page which will ask you for your zip code or “country” code in order to properly calculate your shipping charges. If you want your item shipped faster, you can hit the “down arrow”, and select several other faster shipping methods. Of course, please note that these options are more expensive than “Ground Shipping”. You will be able to see your shipping and handling charges when you go to your shopping cart before you actually submit your order to us for processing. Please be aware that there is an option on the right hand section of our Shopping Cart that allows you to go back and change your shipping options. You can do this as many times as you want, until you are satisfied with the price of your shipping. Your will receive a confirmation e-mail with your tracking information as soon as your order ships.

Please be aware that unless specifically noted, custom hats, and other special orders take between six to eight weeks to create. Shipping options (i.e.: Ground; Two Day; One Day Overnight, etc.) refer to shipping after the hat is completed.

Because of the unique nature of custom production, Baron Hats, from time to time may have to change your shipper in order to guarantee delivery of your order. Baron Hats reserved the right to change your delivery provider when applicable. The shipping method will be the same as you have designated, and may be upgraded.


Baron Hats will make every effort to have your order delivered on the dates either discussed or noted on your invoice. However because of the unique requirements of custom manufacturing, especially custom hats and related merchandise, Baron Hats must depend, on many occasions, on outside merchants for both their specially made “blanks”, and other custom materials and accessories. Therefore, circumstances beyond Baron’s control can delay the actual delivery of your order. Baron’s will make every effort to both expedite these situations, and also make the customer aware of the details of any delays, but the customer agrees, understands, and accepts the fact that such delays do not constitute any default on our agreement, nor can a delivery delay be used as a grounds for a refund. In some circumstances, including, but not limited to the payment of “Rush Charges”, Barons will refund the Rush Charge, if one was paid by the customer, such refund to be determined on a case by case basis, and will be by the by the sole discretion of Baron’s exclusively.


As with the regular shipping instructions, if you are shipping to any other area other than the United States (all Fifty States), you must use the “drop down” menu to select your proper International Shipping Options. For INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, we use either UPS or USPS, which, depending on where they are going, may offer cheaper shipping charges. Be aware that there are several areas we are not allowed, by law, bank restrictions, or by the shipper’s provisions to ship to. If we discover that your shipping address falls in one of these prohibitive shipping situations, we will notify you immediately via e-mail, to make arrangements to either find a different shipping method, address, or payment option, or if none are available to your satisfaction, we will void your order, or credit back your account.

IMPORTANT TO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS – ADDITIONAL CUSTOM CHARGES: The shipping charges that are incorporated into your bill automatically from our shopping cart, and reflected in your invoice from us are for the actual shipping of the item only. Please be aware that each country may have its own “Import Duty”, “VAT”, “Parcel Force” and other additional custom charges that they levy on the package before delivery. Since we have no way of knowing what these charges may be, there is no way we can incorporate them into the original shipping charges. You may want to check with your local post office or custom office to find out just what these charges may be. We can not, of course, assume any responsibility for these extra charges that may be incurred by your local post office in your country, and therefore these additional charges are your own responsibility.

In regards to International Shipments, Baron Hats reserves the right to change your designated shipping delivery company depending on the availability and the ability of said shipper to deliver your merchandise as directed.


On our “shopping cart” you will see exactly the amount we have charged for our mandatory insurance. This is automatically factored in depending on the item(s) you have order, and can not be changed or deleted.


A special “handling” charge is also added to your order, depending on the type of merchandise you have ordered. This nominal charge is automatically added to your shipping charge. OUR UNPARALLELED PACKING IS INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE AS PART OF YOUR PURCHASE. Baron Hats takes enormous pride in the quality and craftsmanship of their merchandise, and have for over five decades worked like the dickens to create a “legendary” reputation. And our hats and custom merchandise go through a hyper scrupulous, and some say, slightly insane inspection and re-inspection before we will let a “Baron Order” leave the shop. So, when you buy a Baron… and that means any merchandise comes from us… you are treated to our famous “Six Step Perfectionist Packing Method ™”


All orders automatically receive a special UPS e-mail once your order is shipped. This will be sent to the e-mail address you provide, so make sure you give us a current, and active e-mail address. In the e-mail, you will receive your special tracking number, and a link to the shippers site to check out the progress of your shipment.



Many new servers (i.e. AOL), now have sophisticated Spam Filters to keep those annoying mass mailing e-mail ads off your address. Unfortunately, sometimes the filters are a little too “efficient”, and they dump legit e-mails into your Spam Folder, so that you never see them. If you are excepting an e-mail from us, or do not receive your order confirmation, or shipper’s delivery tracking e-mail, please check your “Spam dump folder”. If you find our e-mails in there, you can highlight that specific e-mail, then click: “THIS IS NOT SPAM”, and your filter should allow our correspondence to show up in your regular mail in the future.


Because of the special nature of Baron Hats merchandise, we do not ship to multiple addresses, since tracking and reliability drops with each additional shipping location. Therefore, only one “shipping address” is provided. If you are ordering multiple items for various people, please understand that we’d rather you receive all your times delivered to one location, and in a timely manner (and that you get them at all!), and in good condition. Once you’ve received your order, you can distribute them to the lucky parties! If you are shipping your item as a gift to only one recipient, you can use their name and address in the “shipping address” portion of our Shopping Cart, and the item(s) will be shipped directly there.


If this is a gift, and you do not want the recipient to know the price, please indicate this in our “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS”, and we will send them only a “packing slip” without prices, and send you the invoice under separate mailing, or through e-mail. We can also provide a gift card with their order. Please include the name of the recipient, and any message you’d like on the card in the “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS” box in your Baron Shopping Cart at CHECK OUT.


Although we do not give refunds on special or custom order items, furthermore, please understand that we do our best to have your order to you when it is promised. However, because of the unique nature of our items, especially in regards to, but not limited to, custom hat orders, there are many factors outside our control, that can cause your order to be delayed. We will make every effort to keep you informed as to a running status of your order, and/or any delays that may occur; and of course you are more than welcome to contact us via phone or e-mail (please refer to our “contact information”). However, the delay of an item for reasons outside our control (including, but not limited to, acts of God, special material delays, re-do’s of orders, material exchanges, need for special hat blocks or other custom equipment to create your hat, shipping delays, equipment failure, etc.) can not constitute a default, and a void of said order. You will receive your order in as timely as fashion as we are humanly able to, and as long as the item is in the process of being created, the order of said item shall be active.