The Rooster (True Grit 2010)


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Inspired by the Hat Crafted by Baron Hats for Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn in the Coen Brothers’ “True Grit”

It’s not easy to recreate a legend, but if anyone is up to the task it is the astonishing Jeff Bridges under the guidance of the Coen Brothers! Who else but the men who created “The Dude”, could bring even deeper layers of greatness to “Rooster Cogburn”?

baron hatsEven though the character of Cogburn was, in the original story, only in his early 40’s, both John Wayne and Jeff Bridges came to the role in their 60’s. It seems prophetic that these two giant talents created the role in their glory years. Very much like an older Olivier finally doing “King Lear”, perhaps 40’s is a bit too young for this character who needs to show a great deal of dusty horse trails behind them, with perhaps one last great sunrise in his future.

baron hats Whereas Wayne created a magnificent self-effacing homage to himself, Bridges, whose career warranted many more varied characters and wasn’t saddled with being a National Treasure and a “Mount Rushmore” institution as Wayne was, could make the character more realistic. He even changed the side that he wears the trademark eye patch (in the original, Wayne wears his eye-patch on his left eye, and Bridges wears it on his right).

What makes this even more special is that Baron Hats is proud to have worked on both versions of the hat. We created the original hat for Wayne in the 1969 version (which is also available on our website), and now again for Bridges. Both are very different. Whereas Wayne’s hat was more of a structured shaping, with its high converted tear drop crown and oversized Wafture-shaped neaten-razor edge and special layered leather hatband with white “spray” filet, the Bridges’ version is more stripped down, more rudimentary and utilitarian, more of a character piece. Almost without shape, perhaps more in common with Bogie’s well-worn and beat-up “Treasure of Sierra Madre” fedora (which also had a “pinch hole” in the crown!), to go with his character.

Actual “True Grit” Costume
Production file Photos
baron hats
The Rooster is available in 100% Western Weight Fur Felt or 200XXX 100% Beaver
Choose your hat with or without Pinch Hole
baron hats
(with “pinch hole”)
baron hats
(Also Available without “pinch hole”)

Baron Hats is pleased to offer a FlexPay Payment Plan for this custom order at no additional cost or interest.

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