The Kilgore (Apocalypse Now)


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Inspired by the hat worn by Robert Duvall in “Apocalypse Now”

“I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning!”

When Robert Duvall, as Lieutenant Colonel Billbaron hatsbaron hats Kilgore first spoke those lines after the most massive explosion in motion picture history, he forever cemented his name in the annuals of Hollywood Legend. Of course Duvall’s career up to then had been extraordinary, but without a doubt it will be his portrayal of the mythical warrior in “Apocalypse Now” that will always be first on our minds when thinking of this amazing talent, and of course his “I love the smell of Napalm” speech will be recited from now until our own Apocalypse!

Our “Kilgore” is shaped with authentic US Cavalry blocks, complete with the extra high crown as seen in the movie, and include the Gold Tipped Cavalry fobs and the official Calvary crossed-sabers, which are made of weather-proof gold-plated metal, and then are hand woven to the crown with our special reinforced under-stitch.


baron hatsYou can order the hat either in 100% Western Weight Fur Felt, or our exclusive 200XXX 100% Beaver. And, if you really want to feel like you’ve just flown in the open cockpit of a helicopter with “Ride of the Valkyrie’s” blaring from your speakers, we can also specially age the hat for you as we do our production hats for an additional charge. And by the way, for all you real “Apocalypse Now” trivia buffs, yes… Duvall does indeed wear two different hats in the movie. When we first see him walking through the village throwing his “calling cards” on the bodies of the “enemy”, he is wearing a different hat with a cluster and smaller crossed-sabers. Whether this had some special military significance to switch hats, or it was just one of the many continuity errors in a monolithic movie that spilled over into 16 months of insanely complex off and on shooting, is not important.

To us… this version (which he wears during the famous “Charlie doesn’t surf!” Napalm sequence, is the one-and-only “Kilgore” hat! The hat also comes with our special engraved leather sweatband, and our silk-satin logo liner. The “Kilgore” is shipped to you in a special custom made Baron hatbox, suitable for storage.

And you can also order the hat with our special Flex Pay payment plan, at no extra cost or interest. That’s four monthly payments (major credit cards only), and the hat goes into production after we receive the first payment, so you don’t have to wait the full four months to receive your hat.

Baron Hats is pleased to offer a FlexPay Payment Plan for this custom order at no additional cost or interest.



Our Classic Reproductions hats are custom hand-made-to-order, so please allow approximately EIGHT  to TWELVE WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. If you must have the hat sooner, e-mail us for special Rush Delivery prices and your delivery date needs to:


PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ OUR RETURN/REFUND POLICY and all conditions of sale in our Service Policy at

By submitting this order you understand, agree and accept all conditions as set forth in our Service Agreement, including, but not limited to our custom hat refund policy. Unless otherwise noted, shipping dates as they appear on your invoice, are approximations. Conditions beyond our control including, but not limited to availability of special custom materials can effect completion dates.

Interested in having the hat in a different color than the original? E-Mail us with your color choice and we’ll let you know if we can custom craft it in that color for you.

“Apocalypse Now”, and the character name of “Kilgore” are TM and © (or copyright) by United Artist and Zoetrope Studios. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is prohibited. “The Kilgore” hat is made in the style of classic hats as are standard in the costume industry. Baron California Hats is not affiliated in any way, nor do they by fact or inference imply to hold any rights or authorization, rights of association or sponsorship or endorsement of the use of any copyrights or trademarks as held by any individuals, or companies mentioned or pictured in association with this offer, including, but not limited to United Artists and Zoetrope Studios.

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