The Dillinger (Public Enemies)


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Inspired by the hat worn by JOHNNY DEPP as John Dillinger in “Public Enemies”

baron hats“Now nobody get nervous, you ain’t got nothing to fear. You’re being robbed by the John Dillinger Gang. That’s the best there is! These few dollars you lose here today are going to buy you stories to tell your children and great-grandchildren. This could be one of the big moments in your life; don’t make it your last!”

Thus was the infamous “introduction” that legendary gangster John Dillinger supposedly would recite to terrified bank customers and tellers, as he announced to the world who he was and what he was up to, giving everyone involved the wondrous gift of historical immortality!

We will never see again this kind of gangster-as-hero in America. Willie Sutton, Bonnie and Clyde, Baby Face Nelson, Al Capone, Pretty Boy Floyd, the list goes on and on. It was the times that brought the adoration for what these people “accomplished”. Deep in the Depression, most of America felt lost, helpless and hopeless. Mostly due to a lack of jobs, which in turn, meant a lack of money. Enter men (and a few women), who took their future’s into their own hands. They were instant folk hero’s. Blue Collar folk just like you and I, who, with a sub-machine gun, and snappy apparel, became the captain of their fate… at least for a grand moment of time!

The parallels to today are almost spooky.baron hats Yet, sadly, now the innocence is gone, as is the simplicity. It was easier then to “get away with it”, at least for a longer period of time. Now, what with GPS, iPhones, the Internet, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, and way too many 24/7 News Channels, beloved rogues like Dillinger would not have long to flourish and grow their reputations, let alone stay two steps away from the law!

I’m sure this was not lost on co-writer and director Michael Mann, when he went about to re-tell the Dillinger story in “Public Enemies”.

The “legend” has bigger cars, more beautiful woman, and great clothes. All with bottomless money clips, and seemingly endless luck and guts. And in this newest reincarnation of a story that has been told countless times before in radio, movies, books, stage, opera, comics and TV, who better to bring our very own American mythology to life than Johnny Depp!

We at Baron’s are proud to have had a long association with Depp. He is one actor who knows the true value of a great hat! And we are honored to have been a part of his seductive recreation of John Dillinger. Among his famous headgear we are delighted to have hand crafted for him the straw boater he wears when he is gunned down in front of the Biograph Theater. In fact we now have that very boater in our Hollywood Hat Museum at our World Headquarters in Burbank, California.

And, you can order that other hat, a straw boater, which we call the “Biograph” to be custom made for you by Baron’s by clicking here.

In honor of Depp’s work, and especially our association with this wonderful film, we are offering another of his famous hats which we are calling “The Dillinger”. It is inspired by the classic period 1930’s style Fedora he wears in “Public Enemies”. With its Chicago snap brim, and center dent high-pinched crown, “wrapped up” with an extra wide grosgrain hatband with Uptown Bow finishing, the “Dillinger” truly epitomizes the dashing panache of our Depression driven heroes of the dark!

The “Dillinger” can be ordered in either 100% Dress Weight Fur Felt, or the original production exclusive 200XXX 100% Beaver. Both come with an engraved leather sweatband, silk-satin lining, our special Lifetime Guarantee, and a Signed and Numbered personalized Certificate of Authenticity. You custom hat is also shipped to you in our Baron Hatbox, suitable for storage.

It can also be ordered with our Four Payment FlexPay Plan. There is no interest or fee for this service, and your hat goes into production after the very first payment is received.

Like so many of Depp’s characters, and the hats he wears, this fedora has already amassed an almost mythical notoriety. The image of Depp as Dillinger holding his sub-machine gun and wearing this hat, has taken its place in our Cinema lexicon. And its special qualities were not lost on anyone, from the very moment he put it on during the production. In fact, while filming on location in Oshkosh , WI, a local boy, aged 11, told Depp he loved his fedora hat and would love more than anything to have one just like it. Depp told the boy he would see what he could do about that. After filming finished, Depp sent the boy the hat in the mail!

As John Dillinger himself said: “All my life I wanted to be a bank robber. Carry a gun and wear a mask. Now that it’s happened… I sure am happy!” Yes, these larger-than-life icons knew how to live, and what made them happy. Order a custom made “Dillinger” today, and put a crocked smile on your face as well!

“Wow, wow, wow! Just received my “Dillinger”. What an absolutely stunning hat. From the hatband to the black & gold silk/satin lining…….Everything about the hat is spot on! It looks like it just stepped out of the 1930s. Crown height, brim width, classic bash, it’s just perfect. I am more than impressed & incredibly pleased: I’m yet to take it off! Once again, many thanks for creating a most wonderful article of head wear. Like I always say….. A Baron hat isn’t just a hat, it’s THE HAT!


Many thanks!,
–D.G Melbourne, Australia


Baron Hats is pleased to offer a FlexPay Payment Plan for this custom order at no additional cost or interest.

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Interested in having the hat in a different color than the original? E-Mail us with your color choice and we’ll let you know if we can custom craft it in that color for you.

* Disclaimer: “Public Enemies” is Trademarked (TM) and © (or copyrighted) 2009 by Universal Pictures, Relativity Media (in association with), Forward Pass, Misher Films, Tribeca Productions (in association with), Appian Way (in association with). Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is prohibited. “The Dillinger” hat is made in the style of classic Fedora’s as are standard in the costume industry. Baron Hats, Inc., is not affiliated in any way, nor do they by fact or inference imply to hold any rights or authorization, rights of association or sponsorship or endorsement of the use of any copyrights or trademarks as held by any individuals, or companies mentioned or pictured in association with this offer, including, but not limited to Johnny Depp, Michael Mann, their representatives and assignees, or their Estates and their representatives and assignees, nor to Universal Pictures, Relativity Media (in association with), Forward Pass, Misher Films, Tribeca Productions (in association with), Appian Way (in association with), nor their representatives and assignees.

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