The Contender (Rocky I – V)


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It was a true fairy talethat literally could only happen in Hollywood. A young actor with only a few minor credits under his belt writes a screenplay about a struggling wanna-be boxer getting a once in a lifetime chance at fame. And just like the character in his script, the actor is also “struggling” and a “wanna-be”, and is given a once in a lifetime chance of fame himself! By sure luck, the respected production team of Chartoff and Winkler read the script and decide to make it into a low budget movie. But the young actor has a “catch”: he wrote the script for himself to play the lead, and unless he does play the part, he will not sell the script to the two big time producers! Pure arrogance, iron guts, nuclear powered confidence or total insanity!

The young actor was, of course, Sylvester Stallone, and the script was “Rocky”. At the time, Stallone had only a few minor parts in movies, many with no lines (he even played a small part as a subway thug in Woody Allen’s “Bananas”), and had really only one actual speaking part in another low budget film called “Lords of Flatbush”, plus some bit parts in TV shows (like “Kojak”). Not the kind of credits that would convince the producers or the studio to let him play the lead in a motion picture! But Stallone insisted. It was no go script unless he played Rocky himself! Either because the budget was so low (about one million dollars, which was considered low even back in 1976 when the film was produced), or because the producers saw something in this big “lug” of a guy, or again because this was Hollywood where “dreams come true”, they reluctantly agreed.

baron hatsThe rest was Hollywood history. The movie went on to make over two hundred and fifty million dollars, and spawned five more sequels (all money makers). And most important, it gave us one of the most iconic screen hero’s to grace the screen in the mumbling and loveable Rocky Balboa. And combined with an amazing cast and that heart-bounding theme music, it almost seems impossible that there was a time in the world without “Sly” or his “Rocky” character!

Stallone went on to direct Rocky 2 through 6, and continued with a plethora of other great franchises. And he has continued to reinvent himself. Like the Energizer bunny, Stallone just keeps on ticking. Recently he has created yet another blockbuster franchise in his “Expendables” series. Expendables I & 2 have already been made and released and have done so well that “Expendables 3” is now in the works.

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After Rocky 5, Stallone was saying that he would not make any more “Rocky’s”. However, a few years later he felt he needed to make a real end to the series, and tie everything up (something #5 didn’t really do). So, he decided to make one last film, this one simply called “Rocky Balboa”

After a number of prototypes were created (everyone knows Mr. Stallone is very exacting), the two men decided upon a herringbone weave from a mill in Cheshire, England… and the new hat was born.

It brilliantly creates the feeling of age, yet with a magnificent dignity to it, and even shows that there is a little whimsy and optimism still left in that grand legendary fighter.

Although we’ve had hundreds of requests throughout the years asking if we could offer a reproduction of the classic Rocky fedoras, we’ve been reluctant primarily due to the lack of quality hat materials, since Mark’s favorite English fabric mill closed. Luckily, however, within the last few months, Mark has found a new Italian supplier that can create for him high quality materials and tweeds.

The first hat, which we call “The Contender” is inspired by that famous piece of Rocky lore that Stallone wore throughout five incredible sagas. It is made in the same very dark blue with the matching fabric hatband.

Please note that the tweed may vary slightly since the material is woven in limited bolts, each with a slightly different coloration and color threading.

Both hats come with a personalized signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, our Special Lifetime Guarantee, and is shipped in a custom made Baron hat box suitable for storage.

You can also order either hat through our Flex Pay Payment Plan at no extra cost or interest.

This has been without a doubt one of our most requested hats, and for good reason. They truly make a champion out of anyone who wears it!

Baron Hats Is proud and baron hatshonored to have our “Rocky Balboa” creation featured alongside the original Navy Blue Stingy Brim in the ROCKY Exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute


The Contender

From Rocky 1-5

Color Dark Navy
Material Hand Blocked Italian Milled Wool Blend
Crown 3 3/4″
Brim Width 1 3/4″
Hat Band “Self Band” Made from Same Hand Blocked Italian Milled Wool Blend Material as rest of hat


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Interested in having the hat in a different color than the original? E-Mail us with your color choice and we’ll let you know if we can custom craft it in that color for you.

* Disclaimer: “Rocky” and “Rocky Balboa” are TM and © (or copyright) by Chartoff/Winkler Productions and United Artists. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is prohibited. This web site, its operators Including, but not limited to Baron Hats, and any content on this site relating to “Rocky” and “Rocky Balboa” are not authorized by Chartoff/Winkler Productions and/or United Artists s, or any of its related entities. “The RB6” and “The Contender” are made in the style of classic Fedora hats as are standard in the costume industry. Baron Hats is not affiliated in any way, nor do they by fact or inference imply to hold any rights or authorization, rights of association or sponsorship or endorsement of the use of any copyrights or trademarks as held by any individuals, or companies mentioned or pictured in association with this offer, including, but not limited to Chartoff/Winkler Productions, Sylvester Stallone, United Artists Pictures nor their related entities.

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