Explore Our Gallery Of Iconic Hollywood Hats

Western Hats

From John Wayne to Denzel Washington Baron has handcrafted bespoke hats for many of Hollywood’s iconic gunslingers, marshals, and outlaws. We offer custom made replicas from many of Hollywood’s classic western films and Baron is proud to extend the same craftsmanship to the public. Browse through our gallery or email our company for more information on replicating other western styles.

Musician Hats

In addition to the film industry, Baron is known for working with musicians like Beyoncé, Prince, and Bob Dylan to create show stopping looks. Explore our collection to discover some of our favorite hats from artists we have worked with and admire.

Straw Hats

Baron’s abilities are not limited to felt cowboy or dress hats. We have the resources and knowledge to replicate a hat in any style and in the finest straw. All our straw hats are handwoven in Ecuador and shaped for completion in our shop.

Dress Hats

Step into the world of old Hollywood and complete your look with a handcrafted felt fedora or bowler. Many of our dress hats have been featured in films and t.v. shows such as Public Enemies, Creed, and Seabiscuit. Whether it’s for everyday use or special occasions our replicas will transport you to another era.

Womens Hats

Browse through our gallery of iconic styles inspired by hats Baron has created for some of the most influential women in the entertainment industry. Included in our collection are recognizable hats from classic films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s to modern movies like Practical Magic.