There are Two Easy Options
for Servicing Your Hat.

You can send your hat to us and request specific services

(Cleaning, Repair, Re-blocking, etc.)


You can send the hat and have our experts look it over

and let you know what we’d suggest!

Repair Renovation

We can deep clean, spot clean, reblock crown, reblock brim, restitch sweatband, etc.


Resize, add stiffener, etc.


We can customize any type of hat or help you create your dream hat.

While we can clean, block, and repair most hats, our restoration services depend on the condition, material, and age of the hat. Our professionals will take the proper amount of care while working on your hat, but not all hats can withstand the cleaning and re-blocking process. Please note Baron Hats will not be liable for any damage that may occur while cleaning, reblocking, resizing or any other type of modification. Restoration prices do not include shipping cost. By sending/bringing your hat to Baron Hats, you agree to our cleaning policy. Please read the below before sending your hat to our company for more information.

Cleaning and reblocking

Stains due to sweat, oil, dirt etc may not come out. This is true for most hats. Please note, in some cases, cleaning the hat may change the color of the stain and can become lighter. Cleaning lighter colored western hats may result in discoloration. Linings, hatbands, labels, and tags may tear or fade due to age and wash.

Felt hats with moth holes may become bigger during the washing and reblocking process. If the color on a felt hat has become sun faded the color will not be restored once the hat is cleaned. We do not re-dye hats. Hats that have a hole in the crown occur when the hat has been continually pinched over time. The oil on our fingers break down the felt and will make the felt soft enough to tear.

If a straw hat is brittle from dryness it may crack during the reblocking process. Brittle straw will have to be patched to prevent further tearing. Unfortunately, we don’t clean or repair Shantung straw or paper straw. Please allow 5-6 weeks while we work on restoring your hat.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us or come into our shop for hat cleaning/restoration consultation free of charge.